Data management of job applicants

Data management - Data management of job applicants

Job seekers have the opportunity to apply for a job at Gold Hotel Kft. by e-mail, by phone, or in person.

Gold Hotel Kft. handles the data provided during the application securely in accordance with the law and does not share it with third parties. Hotel can keep a record of the applicants’ data, which is used in connection with job offers.

The purpose of data management is to provide job seekers with information about the tenders, to select suitable applicants and to contact them when applying for a job offer.

If the given data changes, the applicant has the right to change it at any time via a modification request sent to the e-mail address of info ( at )

The applicant can request the deletion of his/her personal data at any time by contacting the info ( at ) e-mail address. In the event of such an indication, the personal data provided will be deleted immediately by Gold Hotel Kft.

The job applicant can enter the following data:
• Personal data: name, addresses, date/place of birth, phone number, email
• Position: type and level of the position, indicating work location preference
• Studies: qualification data, completed and ongoing studies, name of institution
• Other knowledge: language skills, computer skills, with level indication, specifying the type of driving license
• Professional experience: presentation of current and previous workplaces, positions, activities, with indication of dates
• Other activities: presentation of professional organizational and social activities, leisure activities
• Personal competences
• Documents : curriculum vitae, motivational and reference letters, photographs, copies of certificates

The resumes of applicants for a specific job advertisement and the personal data and documents sent in connection with the application are handled as follows after the person filling the position has been selected:
– the data of the unsuccessful applicant is stored for a maximum of 1 year, in the event of a new job advertisement, suitable applicants will be notified of the new opportunity. After 1 year, the applicant’s data will be permanently deleted.
– the successful applicant’s data will be transferred to the employees’ data and deleted from the applicants.

Applications for general, non-specific job advertisements sent by post, e-mail, or in person are stored in our database for one year. After one year, the CVs and data provided in this way will be deleted.
Gold Hotel Kft. handles job applicant data separately from personal data collected for other purposes.
Regarding the data of job applicants managed by the Company, you can get more information by emailing info ( at )