Menu Gold Hotel


  • Traditional goulash soup 1390 huf
  • Chicken consommé 1390 huf
  • Chili-cheese soup, roasted chicken strips, tortilla chips 1390 huf

Main Courses

  • Camembert cheese grilled or breaded3100 huf
  • Grilled chicken supreme with roasted mediterranean bell pepper cream3900 huf
  • Honey mustard pork chuck3900 huf
  • Tenderloin bites with wild mushrooms and gnocchi5200 huf
  • Pork tenderloin covered with bacon3900 huf
  • Spicy spaghetti with garlic king prawns4100 huf

Sides & Pickles

  • Steak fries850 huf
  • French fries850 huf
  • Grilled vegetable950 huf
  • Steamed jasmine rice850 huf
  • Hash browns 850 huf
  • Sweet potato 1100 huf
  • Mixed pickles850 huf


  • Tiramisu1400 huf
  • Panna cotta with salted caramel1400 huf
  • Chocolate cake1400 huf