Healthy food

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Budapest étterem, egészséges ételek


Healthy foods, salads rich in vitamins

Have an energetic, balanced and successful day! Eat healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and choose from the a’la carte menu or the buffet table of the restaurant in Gold Hotel Budapest. You can find healthy foods, salads rich in vitamins, vegetarian dishes, gluten free, lactose free foods, low calorie, diet foods prepared by Sous Vide ™ technology in the Amulet Wine & Dine restaurant.

Healthy breakfast buffet

The most important meal of the day is the breakfast. Freshly baked pastries, croissants, homemade jams, Hungarian dairy products, cereals, seeds and sprouts can be found on the buffet table. We please our guests with lots of fruits and fresh salads every morning. If you love heavier foods, you can wake yourself up with Hungarian salami, sausage, hot egg dishes in Gold Hotel Budapest.

Healthy lunch and buffet dinner

Eat yourself clever! Concentration is easier, the day is more successful and efficient, when blood sugar levels is kept steady throughout the day. You can find low fat, white sugar-free foods in our menu and on our buffet tables. The fresh and healthy foods are free of synthetic preservative and food additive. The foods are made from quality ingredients, whole-wheat flour and they provide enough nutrients, refreshing vitamins and fiber for the body. The Amulet Wine & Dine is one of the few restaurants in Budapest, which uses the modest Sous Vide ™ technology. You can find international and Hungarian dishes on our buffet table: seasonal, raw, colorful vegetables, salads, sprouts, fish rich in omega 3, chickens, calorie-free desserts from fruits and seeds.

Healthy coffee break

Choose the healthy coffee break! All colleagues, partners are able to concentrate longer during the event, if their blood sugar level isn’t fluctuating. How to keep it steady? The healthy coffee break helps with  seasonal, raw, colorful vegetables, homemade dips, pastries from whole wheat, sprouts, salads, fruits, seeds, calorie-free beverages.

Special diet

If you struggle with food allergy, vegetarian, lactose or gluten sensitive, you can choose Gold Hotel Budapest’s restaurant daily. You can find suitable food for yourself on our rich buffet table and salad bar.
If you came for dental treatment to Budapest or you need a special diet for any reason, we can help you. Submit your request in advance and we do our best to offer a suitable menu.