Green Hotel

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Green hotel Budapest

Gold Hotel Budapest - Eco friendly green hotel

Protect the environment, take care of your health and enjoy your stay in Budapest. You can have eco friendly hotel room, energy saving hotel services in Gold Hotel Budapest. Choose our quite, anti allergic eco room in the center of Budapest and eat healthy foods served in our restaurant.

Gold Hotel Budapest in the city center

  • Budapest attractions can be access on foot, by bicycle
  • excellent public transport to any point of Budapest

You may choose your hotel consciously. Among the hotels in Budapest, Gold Hotel Budapest is the only city center hotel, which is located evenly close to the Buda Castle, the Citadel, the downtown and to the Congress Centre. You can easily and quickly reach Budapest attractions, business, cultural and entertainment districts from Gold Hotel Budapest and Gold Apartments.

Energy saving in Gold Hotel Budapest

  • solar collectors provide solar energy of heating and hot water system
  • insulated doors, windows and walls
  • energy saving light bulbs, led technology
  • automatic power shutdown in room
  • energy saving heating and cooling control

Eco hotel room in Gold Hotel Budapest

  • water-saving infra faucets
  • selective waste collection
  • towels are washed on request
  • eco friendly textile washing
  • recycled paper products
  • water saving toilet flushing

Gold Hotel Budapest is a quiet hotel

New sound-proof windows and doors are protecting the hotel rooms from noises coming from the road or corridor. The hotel rooms facing to the main road are triple glazed.

Gold Hotel Budapest and your health

The Amulet Wine & Dine restaurant prepares healthy, nutrients, high in fiber and rich in vitamins foods with SousVide ™ kitchen technology. You can also choose fresh salads with raw vegetables, fruits and germs on the buffet table. Gluten, lactose free foods and vegetarian foods are available for special diets.  

Anti allergy bed linen and textile can be found in all hotel rooms. The room floor and the furnishing can be easily cleaned.