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Budapest étterem, koktél bár

Cocktails - Cocktail recipes

Enjoy a nice cocktail in the cocktail bar of Amulet Wine & Dine restaurant or on the terrace. Check out the beverages and cocktail selection of Gold Hotel Budapest. Follow the cocktail recipes and make your own cocktail.

Here you can find our cocktails in Gold Hotel Budapest. Choose some healthy foods beside our cocktails. You can choose from our a’la carte menu or all you can eat buffet table with Hungarian and international foods. View beverages and wine list.

Would you like to prepare your favorite cocktail? We can help you. Choose from the below cocktails and you can quikly preparte your first cocktails in the Gold Hotel Budapest’s cocktail bar.

Mojito cocktail recipe

5 cl rum
30 g brown sugar
3-4 cloves of lime
5-6 mint leaves
10 cl mineral water

Manhattan cocktail recipe

4 cl Whiskey
2 cl Vermouth - sweet
2-3 drops of Angostura Bitter

Bloody Mary cocktail recipe

4 cl Vodka
2 oz lime
15 oz tomato juice
Little salt
Little pepper
2-3 drops of Worchester sauce
2-3 drops of Tabasco sauce

Margarita cocktail recipe

4 cl Tequila
2 cl Orange Liqueur - Triple Sec
1 cl fresh lime

Sex on the beach cocktail recipe

4 cl Vodka
2 cl peach liqueur - Peach Tree
10 cl orange juice
5 cl cranberry juice

Dry Martini cocktail recipe

4 cl Dry Martini
2 cl Gin
1 olive

Puszta cocktail recipe

4 cl dry Tokaji Szamorodni
2 cl apricot palinka
1 cl Martini Rosso
1 cocktail cherry

Gold Hotel Budapest cocktail recipe

4 cl Aperol
4 cl champagne
4 cl soda
4 cl orange juice

Mickey Mouse Cocktail Recipe - non-alcoholic

8 cl orange juice
8 cl tonic
4 cl of raspberry syrup

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